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Does an independent Catalonia have a future in the European Union?

Catalan representative to the EU: It is more a political question than a technical one. Featured Image: Mr. Amadeu Altafaj, the permanent representative of the Catalan Government to the European Union. Disclaimer: Amid ongoing developments of the issue, it is… Continue Reading →

What exactly is Catalonia?

The Catalan struggle for independence have taken the spotlight in recent weeks media, but what is Catalonia and what are they discontent with? By Sing Lee and Kristoffer Olesen Catalonia is a self-governing autonomous nation according to the Spanish Constitution… Continue Reading →

Improving of the air quality in Europe can extend your life and raise the EU economy

By Nukaaka Tobiassen and Yulia Morozova Not only air pollutants increase the number of premature deaths in Europe, but also the EU economy suffers from the consequences of the air pollution. Therefore, according to a Danish politician and member of… Continue Reading →

Europe joins in the fight against diesel

By Yuliya Morozova and Nukaaka Tobiassen Nobody is safe in the face of air pollution. And it does not even matter if you do not have a car or taking the bike on the way to work daily, emissions are… Continue Reading →

Europe’s Brain Boomerang

By Hannah Cross and Elena Stenzel Due to heavy admission restrictions for German medical courses, thousands of German students study at eastern European universities each year. After completing their degree, these students don’t stay but choose to return to their… Continue Reading →

Border-crossing students profiting from EU freedoms

By Hannah Cross and Elena Stenzel   German medical students that aren’t accepted in Germany make their way to eastern Europe to study medicine. Thousands of so-called “NC-refugees” have already completed their degree in eastern European universities. Some remain sceptical… Continue Reading →

Turkey’s long road into the EU

A coup attempt, imprisoned journalists, measures against human rights and fundamental laws – Turkey faces many problems that make an accession to the European Union seem nearly impossible. And still the negotiations aren’t completely stopped. This has its reason in… Continue Reading →

Are there any benefits of Turkey joining the EU?

By Bethany Louise Smith and Lea Kestel The accession of Turkey into the EU would be beneficial for both Turkish business and business across the globe. According to the EU representative of the  Turkish Industry and Business Association (TUSIAD), Ms… Continue Reading →


The European Commission continues to declare trust in Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy to act in the best interests of Spanish citizens despite new claims of human rights violations in Catalonia. By Lucy Samson and Ruby Virchow Calls from the Human… Continue Reading →


Following the self-determined independence referendum in Catalonia, the European Commission have not condemned police violence or commented on the allegations of human rights violations. By Lucy Samson and Ruby Virchow First Vice-President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans encouraged dialogue… Continue Reading →

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