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March 2017

European Commission’s fails to reach castration-goal

The European Commission set forth a declaration in 2010 stating that the surgical castration of piglets should be abandoned by 2018. Multiple sources prove this to be unrealistic. The Commission has since suspended the funding, and let down the animals,… Continue Reading →

EU citizens will pay more for welfare meat

Welfare meat is in high demand in the European Union. EU citizens are willing to pay more for meat that has been labelled with welfare information, shows research made by Eurobarometer. By Alexandra Tamasan and Trine Nielsen Well over a… Continue Reading →

European Commission faces the failure of relocation scheme

Time is running out: The EU states still need to relocate more than 145,000 asylum seekers until September. But the Union is deeply divided. By Sonja Wurtscheid At first sight the relocation scheme breakdown for the member states seems to… Continue Reading →

The EU and battling islamophobia

By Noura Kalo and Kyle Veidt Aarhus, Denmark – Recent events have caused a rise in negative opinions towards Muslims, according to Pew Research Center. Consequently, both the European Parliament and Commission, as well as the several NGOs working in… Continue Reading →

Import ban on hormone from ‘blood farms’ is yet to be addressed by the European Commission

The European Commission is yet to respond to a Parliament request to ban a hormone associated with serious animal rights abuses in Uruguay and Argentina. By Thomas Schønning and Shivé Prema It’s the horse hormone that’s helping put pork on… Continue Reading →

Who is to blame when robots misbehave?

Opening the discussion of liability on driverless vehicles. By Madison E. Van Every & Jonas Arend Bisgaard Kristensen With the continued emergence of robotics in the EU, the Commission and Parliament are left the task of finding the appropriate measures… Continue Reading →

Legislating Robotics: How close are we?

Does a recent development in Vesthimmerlands Municipality mean we are one step closer to driverless driving? By Madison E. Van Every and Jonas Arend Bisgaard Kristensen Social workers will be able to write reports while being transported from one place… Continue Reading →

President Juncker almost reaches his 40 pct target for women represented in the EU Commission

President Juncker has almost achieved his goal of having 40 pct. women in the senior and middle management of the European Commission, but there are still big differences between men and women, if you look closer at the more specific… Continue Reading →

EU works through details of geo-blocking ban

By Savannah Assi and Natasha Salloum In a world that is being transformed by the web and digital technologies, a free-flowing network of information and entertainment is available to all people with the click of a button, isn’t it? No…. Continue Reading →

Deiselgate committee finds Commission and car industry failed citizens

Members of the Deiselgate inquiry committee hope to implement a new EU agency and see changes made across borders to combat corruption and collusion within EU institutions and automakers. By Ann Marion and Mary Lee After the United States discovered… Continue Reading →

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